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Overall, Samsung is the third largest manufacturer of smartphones around the world and Samsung Galaxy the flagship of Samsung Electronics since 2009. Samsung has introduced more than 60 different Galaxy models, which dominated the market. The upsurge in demand for these devices led to the need for Samsung repairs UK services. This is something that Mobile Whiz possess expertise in.

The variety of Samsung Galaxy series requires one to possess profound knowledge and understanding of the Android system. This is because every model has specific features and updates. Our highly specialised and trained team of technicians offer premium service on a huge number of Samsung phone repairs to valuable customers. Our technicians always use up-to-date equipment and genuine parts for replacements.

At Mobile Whiz, we are one of the leading mobile repair company and can also repair damaged mobile phones of other brands. We have been providing repairing services for more than 6 years. With the extensive experience and professional mobile repairing experts we possess, you are assured of getting top-notch smartphone repairing services at affordable prices.


How to Get Samsung Phone Repairs Service?

Well, the process is simple as it involves two simple steps. The first one is to select the model of your company and the type of repairing service you want. Second, if you are not sure why your phone does not function properly or what seems to be the fault, you can get in touch with our experts for free diagnostics. The trained technicians use the latest tools and technology. So you are guaranteed of getting the correct evaluation of the fault prior to the beginning of the repairing process.

In case you need more information, our customer support team remains at your disposal. You can get in touch with the Mobile Whiz technical support team. Our experts are one of the reasons why we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK.



Most Common Faults of Samsung Phone

Physical damages seem to be one of the most common faults demanding professional phone repair services. It includes:

1. Broken screen replacement is one of the most common repairs. Tiny cracks are easily identified just by tilting the device. However, the hidden cracks are not visible till you remove the screen protector.

2. When you are unable to connect or charge your phone to a computer, then it has USB port damage. 

3. Samsung phones also contain a liquid damage indicator (LDI). It is to determine water or any other liquid contact. This useful tool is located inside and on the battery. This indicats potential issues such as overheating or preventing the battery from charging.

In addition, the most common moile faults are:

  1. Broken buttons like home, power and volume
  2. Battery issues
  3. Charging issues
  4. Sound faults
  5. A broken camera

At Mobile Whiz, our expert technicians will identify the real fault before they proceed to repair it. If the device is repairable, then we only use original replacements to restore the phone to its full working condition. Also, the professional and competent technicians implement and supervise the entire process. 

Warranty And Pricing Guarantee

Samsung mobile phone repairs at Mobile Whiz come with a 90-day warranty. In the case where some unlikely event happens with the already repaired device in the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced at no extra charges.

At Mobile Whiz, we are experts of Samsung Galaxy screen repair. The main goal is to offer you the ultimate peace of mind, long-lasting and safe use of the mobile covered by warranty. What we offer are full and specialised Samsung phone diagnostic and repair solutions. For our professional and experienced technicians, the complexity of a fault is a task to which they can respond quickly, depending on the type of issue

Premium and reliable Samsung phone repairs depend on the latest technology and authentic components we are using. All of the parts are tested and verified by expert technicians prior to replacements. Thousands of happy customers testify to our reputation of being the best mobile phone repair service provider.

So, for more information, call us at 020 3212 0025 or send us an email at Our customer support team offers a prompt response.


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