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Samsung Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Whiz UK specializes in providing Samsung mobile phone repairs service. Since 2014 we have been serving in this industry, and our dedication and hard work has made us one of the leading companies in the UK. We only use cutting-edge technology and top quality parts and offer a warranty on our repairs. So you can rely on us without any worries.

We are a fully accredited repairing company. Our qualified technicians can repair your broken smartphone in no time.

Our team of technicians has been given rigorous training and certification process. So they can fix electronic issues that are not even located by the average repair technician. This is the reason why we confidently offer a 90-day warranty and pricing guarantee. We fully back up the quality of our same day repair.


Offer Comprehensive Repairing Services

Screen Replacement

If your mobile phone requires a new screen, here at Mobile Whiz, we possess the expertise in replacing screens for the most popular brand, Samsung phones. The screen we use is of the highest quality in the market. We only use genuine screens. After the repair, we also perform full quality checks.

Battery Replacement

If your phone requires a battery service, we have got you covered. We only use the genuine and highest quality battery in the market. Our team will also check the device after battery replacement for battery life and the charging process.

Diagnostics Service

If there is some sort of issue with your device that you are not aware of, then our experts are here to provide assistance. Our professional technicians can diagnose the problem. They also offer a quote for the work that needs to be done to fix your device.

Charging Port Or Buttons Problem

If the issue is prevailing inside the charging port or on/off buttons, we can replace the components with the latest one. We possess expertise in this aspect as well.

Why Get Your Samsung Repaired By Us?

Mobile Whiz is known for its reliability, affordability and quality service. We have successfully repaired thousands of smartphones. Apart from repairing common issues like screen replacements due to damage, we also possess expertise in repairing less common issues as well.

The time that will take in repairing service depends on the make and model of your smartphone. If the required part is available in store, then it will be done within the same day. On the other hand, it can take several days as some models take more time to repair.

On average, the repairs can take longer than usual. The reasons behind this include the specific part is not available or have to wait for the component to be delivered. Don’t worry; our experts will provide you with the specific time of how long your phone will take to be repaired if we are unable to do it on the same day.

Can I Get My Phone Repaired Under Warranty?

In case your smartphone develops a fault while it is still under warranty and is in any other case undamaged, we can repair it under your new mobile phone warranty.

If your mobile phone has been damaged due to the impact or water damage, this may invalidate your warranty on the repair, and the repair service will become chargeable. If you still decide to have a chargeable repair by us and your smartphone then develops a fault under warranty, then you are still covered by means of the warranty.

Further, keep one thing in mind, to prevent losing any of your valuable data, then you need to backup your data. It is before bringing the handset to us for repairing service.

For more information, call us at 020 3212 0025 or send us an email at So do not wait, get your favourite mobile phone repaired in no time. We assure to make it work like it’s a brand-new device just taken out of the box.


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