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Samsung Galaxy S9+



Tempered Glass Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus.Designed to be durable and Scratch-resistant without compromising a classy profile, this case is ideal for everyday use and withstands moderate falls. Features.


Our patterns are printed with the world’s top printing equipment, and the texture is delicate and clear.

The unique tempered glass back cover design makes the mobile phone case more high-end and enhances the image quality.

The soft rubber design on the edge of the phone case makes us easier to install and disassemble, and provides more protection.

The side of our phone case has anti-skid lines to prevent the phone from slipping. Rich in design and very practical.

The top mobile phone shell production equipment makes every button of the mobile phone perfectly connected.

Comfortable thickness design will not affect your wireless charging function while improving the grip.

Samsung Galaxy S9+


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