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Huawei Fast charger 9V 2A with Type-c cable


Huawei Fast charger 9V 2A with Type-c cable


The Dual Voltage 9V and 5V 2.0A Quick charge works best on supported models (your model may not support it, verify first) from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes.If your version/model does not full support Adaptive Fast Charging, this will still charge at 5Volts using 2.0A , usually it still charges faster! This Kit includes a full power USB to Type-c USB 2.0 cable that allows you to charge via any or other USB power source if you aren’t near a wall outlet. Quick Charge  is new and if your model does not support it, results are NOT 100% guaranteed for this feature. This will charge, and in most cases, will charge faster than the original.

Features : 

  • ♦ Quick charge, the maximum power could reach 18 W
  • ♦ The device support Hi Si and Qualcomm QC 2.0 Quick charge treaty
  • ♦ When device could not support quick charge, it will switch to the charge way of 5V 2A, which is compatible for the most Android device.
  • ♦ The power is lower than 0.075 W when it is not be used, which is fit for the US. DOE 6 and EU Co C V 5 Tier 2 EPS power consumption.
  • ♦ The weight is only 47g, it compatible for AC100-240V electricity input, whose design is very convenient to be taken when traveling.

Specifications :

♦ POWER : 18W

♦ INPUT : 100-240V 50/60 Hz 0.5 A
♦ OUTPUT : 9V 2A OR 5V 2A (Smart Change)
♦ interface : Type-c USB


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