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Play Station Consoles Repair In Morden

Are you looking for quality play station consoles repair in Morden services? Mobile Whiz can repair slow, buggy, lagging and glitchy consoles.

Reasons to choose Mobile Whiz for repair

1. Competitive prices

2. Prompt service

3. Guaranteed warranties

4. Quality parts and satisfied customers 

Is your gaming system not function properly or slowed down to a highly slow pace, or do you keep encountering crazy bugs, data losses, and freezing glitches? Mobile Whiz expert team of technicians possess years of diagnosing and repairing game console issues. They can assist you in fixing your broken system in a simple way.

Mobile Whiz Is First Choice for Fast Repair

Since our establishment, we have helped several clients with a wide range of gaming console issues. Moreover, we offer quick and friendly customer service that is unmatched within the local area.

Should I Fix or Upgrade My System?

Just like smartphones, laptops and tablets, game systems are also evolving. You will soon realise that the cost of upgrading or repairing your new model is slightly more than if you buy a new one straight out.

Furthermore, Mobile Whiz technicians can suggest to you what is the best course of action and can offer you the best deal in this regard. By hiring us, you also save a lot of money.

All of our repairs come with a comprehensive 90-day warranty. Get in touch with us at 020 3212 0025 and email at for more details.

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