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In the 21st century, a new form of mobile phones known as smartphones was introduced in the market. Since then, it became a basic necessity of life, something you never leave home without. Smartphones are a perfect amalgamation of a camera, navigator, social organiser and general lifeline. So if you are looking for cheap mobile phones for sale UK, you have come to the right place.

We offer the best mobile phone deals, which mean you get a great price on a great device. We provide a vast collection of mobile phones of various brands, and in different colours, so you are going to get everything under one roof. Our handsets are of great quality, with the best camera specs, elegant designs, pristine screens and can manage every aspect of your life on your device. 

Mobile Whiz provides something for everyone. We have everything from cheap mobile phones to the latest handsets to popular brands of Samsung and Apple. Are you looking for the newest Galaxy or iPhone? We have got you covered. Do you want something simple and affordable? You got it. Stay connected with 3G, 4G and 5G capabilities. Connect your mobile phone with other gadgets over Bluetooth. Browse online staying home by connecting with WiFi. Reach your final destination with GPS.

Mobile Phone Brands Available At Mobile Whiz UK


Are you searching for a new smartphone in the market? You need to consider the stylish and popular iPhone. We have got some amazing deals for you to choose from. Just pick the one you like from our stylish collection of Apple phones and get it delivered to your place.

If you are looking for the newest models like iPhone XS Max or iPhone 8, you find them here. With premium display, touch screen and toughened glass, they also have the best cameras and, of course, a slick and stylish design. Among the several hardware and feature improvements, the advances in the camera department, video recording is also exceptional that ranges between 4k to 60 fps. Other examples of older models of the Apple iPhone are the iPhone X and iPhone 7, which still offers remarkable performance and quality build.


When it comes to Android phones, the users have the luxury of choice. The popular devices in this regard are Samsung and Huawei. When we talk about Huawei phones, the P Smart model is the ideal choice for those that are after great value. For those who are after top-end phones, the Huawei P40 Series and P30 ranges are the best. 

The range of Samsung is also vast, with the latest offering of Samsung Galaxy S20 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Apart from several improved features, it has increased battery life, 5G enabled and PowerShare features, allowing you to take charge from another device.

Phone accessories

Furthermore, you also have the option to connect your smartphone to your wrist with a smart BlueTooth watch. These devices have taken the market by storm as they are brilliant, wearable devices that display notifications and health fitness metrics. It permits you to access your phone in a simple interface, reply to messages with your voice and so on. However, before you buy it, perform thorough research, double-check for compatibility with your phone. For instance, the Apple Watch only works with iPhones.

Offer Best Prices on Our Products

Mobile Whiz offers the best and market competitive prices on our products. No matter what your budget range is, you will find the one that falls within your budget and won’t put a strain on your pocket. Also, we lead the industry in cell phone repair and computer replacements because of our reliability, affordability and quality service. 

We have given our team a rigorous training and certification process, and our team is able to fix electronic issues that the average repair technician does not even find. That’s why we are comfortable offering a 90-day warranty and pricing guarantee. We stand by the quality of our same-day repair. 

Furthermore, we offer prompt delivery service within the UK. Once you place your order, you get it at your doorstep at the prescribed time. For more information, call us at 020 3212 0025 or send us an email at Visit our website and browse the products we are offering.

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