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Laptop Repairs In Morden

Mobile Whiz has been providing laptop repairs in Morden for several years. We provide efficient services with our experienced, certified, and fully insured engineers who complete the work on the same day. We have always maintained the highest standards, due to which we are considered a professional, reliable and trusted company.

Below are some situations you can find yourself in:

laptop repairs

1. If you see unusual splodges of colour, or big black areas on the screen, it is possible that it has been damaged and requires to be repaired. It is best to do it as soon as possible because replacing it is quite expensive.

2. If you are unable to see anything on the display screen, shine a torch on to it. If you identify any issues, then it is suitable to allow us to perform cheap repairs. You don’t have to buy a new expensive laptop.

3. If the display screen image comes and goes as soon as you lift the lid, then it is the cable inside that needs fixing. Once again, call us to help. It’s a quick repair and at a very low cost.

4. You might hear a clicking sound, and the laptop is running slow or won’t boot. Then your hard drive needs replacing.

5. You may see a blue screen with white writing, and the laptop won’t boot. This is because of a hardware fault, which we are able to fix quick.

So for any laptop repair, call us at 020 3212 0025 and email us at

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