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Do you have a cracked phone screen? Water damage? Battery issues? We all have encounter one of these problems, and with so much dependence on the phone, it is essential to know a professional iPhone repair London service provider.

If you are searching for specialised iPhone repairs, then look no further than Mobile Whiz. We offer specialist service and unrivalled convenience. We endeavour to make our high-quality phone repairs service an easy and stress-free experience. 

Comprehensive Range of Services We Offer

iPhone Screen Repair or Replacement

Several technological advancements have been made in iPhone over the years. However, for all of their advanced features, they are still fragile. Even with a phone case and screen protector, you cannot protect it from the worst drops. Just one slip is enough to cause serious damage to your phone screen.

Mobile Whiz has got you covered by offering a number of repair services that helps in preventing further issues, saving you time and also money in the long run. For those phones that have a broken screen or damaged LCD, we can save your phone’s display with screen repair. Moreover, we only use high-quality parts for full-screen replacement.

It is obvious that if these minor issues are not dealt with immediately, they can become complex. This is the reason why it is essential to take care of these things as soon as possible. So book our screen repair service and prevent it from getting worse.

iPhone Battery Replacement Service

Another issue we face is of battery life. If you observe that your phone’s battery gets lower quickly or dying when in reality, you should still have some charge remaining, then it is an obvious sign of getting battery replacement. Our expert technicians can quickly perform this service, and you get your phone back in less than an hour.

Water Damage

The latest iPhones possess high resilience against physical damage. However, it does not mean that they are indestructible, and accidents can happen. Further to screen repairs, Mobile Whiz also provides water damage service. This form of damage can be serious, and so we run several tests to analyse the root cause of the problem and what repair work needs to be done.

Diagnosis Service

For more severe damage, or you are unsure of what type of repair service your phone needs, a diagnosis can help to identify the main cause of the problem and find a perfect solution. Our technicians will perform a thorough analysis and update you with the real problem and what sort of repair we need to perform, along with repair pricing and other lists of options.

How Long Do Mobile Phone Repairs Take?

We feel pride in ourselves for providing quality repairs as fast as possible. Our standard service like screen repair and battery replacement can be done within an hour.

You have two options in this regard. You can either drop your phone at our shop and pick it up later or wait while we perform the repairs.

Why Choose Mobile Whiz?

Mobile Whiz has been serving in the industry for several years, and we have built a reputation of achieving 100% customer satisfaction by providing quality repairs and guidance. You will also see that we go above and beyond by proving that you do not need to wait long or look somewhere else for getting high-quality repairs and excellent customer support service.

Don’t go by our words only; check our reviews which testify our claims of being the best place for iPhone repairs.

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It won’t matter whether you have small or big damage; it is always best to bring your device to us right away to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Contact us today and get more information about your iPhone repair! We recognize how important your mobile phone is, and we also possess expertise on how to get it in its original working condition. Call us at 020 3212 0025 or send us an email at, if you need further information.

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